A truck driver blocked the road ambulance in Novosibirsk

Investigatory management SK of Russia across the Novosibirsk region has initiated preliminary examination in respect of one of drives the oil truck that refused to pass the ambulance. ABOUT it reports the local edition “NHS news”.



The footage, released online, shows, as a coach with the physicians can not drive around the yard because of a truck that blocked the road. A hard-nosed truck driver, as noted by the witnesses of the incident, refused to give the green light to reanimobile which was a seriously ill patient.


Persuasion and the wrangling went on for about twenty minutes, until, until we found the owners of the parked cars. They helped the doctors to free travel.


The circumstances of this incident are now dismantled, the investigators and provincial police. If the data breach is confirmed, intractable traffic participant can wait for administrative punishment, said the press-service GU MVD of Russia in Novosibirsk region.

Video: Vasily Petrov / YouTube