Trump identified themselves as fans of NATO

Donald Trump

The US President Donald trump called himself a fan of NATO, but again criticized other Alliance members for what they “pay the bills”. As reported by The Hill, the White house said in a speech to supporters in Florida.

“We are in battle, which no longer help us. We are in a battle in which other people behave unfairly. I’m a fan of NATO, but a NATO country, many of those countries that we protect the very rich countries do not pay their bills,” said trump.

The White house stressed that the US no longer intend to adhere to the “discredited approaches of the past.” “We will no longer listen to those who can bring nothing but failure. New circumstances require new solutions”, — quotes its words of RIA Novosti.

On 15 February, the US defence Secretary Jim Mattis noted that NATO is of key importance for relations between America and Europe. 6 Feb Donald trump said that the US “strongly support” of NATO, but urged other Alliance members to fully comply with the obligations of its financing.

In mid-January, trump called NATO an outdated organization, accusing the Alliance is that it pays insufficient attention to the fight against terrorism.