The Telegraph said about the Russian involvement in the coup attempt in Montenegro

Milo Djukanovic

The attempted assassination of the former Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic and the organization of the coup in this Balkan country are the Russian security services. With this statement made by British The Telegraph, citing sources in the government of the United Kingdom.

The purpose of the conspiracy, as stated by the publication, was sabotage of the plan for Montenegro’s accession to NATO. The employees alleged Russian intelligence for several months had carried out surveillance of Djukanovic and prepared a group of Serbian nationalists, which was to assassinate him.

The intelligence services in the US and the UK, according to the newspaper, gathered evidence of involvement in the conspiracy of high-ranking officials in Russia. “We are talking about a conspiracy to undermine the activities or takeover of the government, it is inconceivable that it was not approved,” the source said to The Telegraph in the British government.

The Minister of defence of Montenegro Predrag bošković, according to the publication, noted, “there is no doubt” that the financing and organization of a coup attempt allegedly involved in Russian intelligence. At the same time neither he nor the newspaper is no evidence leads.

The Telegraph also reports that the failed coup in Montenegro was discussed at the first meeting of U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson with British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

16 January it became known that the authorities of Montenegro suspected of plotting the killing of Djukanovic citizen of Russia Edward Shirokov. Together with another Russian Vladimir Popov he declared in the international search. Thus the authorities of Russia Montenegro officially no charges put forward.

October 27, the Serbian newspaper Danas reported that a few Russians were expelled from Serbia for the preparation of terrorist acts. On 28 October, “Kommersant” wrote that the situation had to intervene to the Secretary of security Council Nikolai Patrushev, who tried to prevent a scandal in the Russian-Serbian relations.

The Serbian authorities denied this information and stated that no one was expelled, and the visit of Patrushev was planned.

16 October 2016 on suspicion of preparing terrorist attacks in Montenegro was detained 20 citizens of Serbia. According to investigators, they were going to shoot the rally of the opposition, and then to provoke the participants on the capture of Parliament and the arrest of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.