The American carrier group into South China sea

USS Carl Vinson

Carrier battle group the U.S. Navy began patrolling in the South China sea amid growing tensions between Washington and Beijing over the disputed borders in the region. It is reported Sunday, February 19, the press service of the Navy.

According to the report, the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, accompanied by two destroyers was engaged in the performance of “routine operations”. “We look forward to the chance to demonstrate their capabilities, building strong relationships with our allies, partners and friends in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region”, — said the commander of the carrier battle group, rear Admiral James Kilby.

February 15, the Chinese foreign Ministry warned Washington against attempts to challenge the boundaries in the South China sea. Three days later Beijing launched its own naval exercises in the region involving only Chinese aircraft carrier.

10 Feb US President Donald trump said that Washington and Beijing have a chance to build relationships. A day earlier, the head of the White house held a telephone conversation with President of China XI Jinping, according to which the parties agreed to participate in the discussions and negotiations on various issues of mutual interest.

Between Japan and China have a territorial dispute regarding the Senkaku Islands, near which discovered oil deposits. De facto this territory Japan controls, but China imposes on their claims since the late 1960s. According to Beijing, the archipelago was discovered by the Chinese in the XIV century and is a Chinese native land.