In several cities of Belarus have been rallies “natureade”

In several cities of Belarus have been rallies “natureade”

Moscow. 19 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — an Unauthorized protest against the so-called “tunaytsha decree” was held on Sunday in the Belarusian Gomel, the correspondent of Agency “Interfax-West”.

No incidents during the event were recorded.

According to various estimates, the action in all its phases, involved 1 to 3 thousand people. The police did not interfere with the event.

The March was attended by people of different age and social status, families with young children, pensioners and young people. The opposition attributes, traditional for unauthorized actions, almost was not.

In the hands of the people holding placards saying “I am not a parasite”, from time to time people chanted “No tunaytsha decree”

Cars passing by supported participants of the action signals.

According to participants, many of them are forced to “parasites” because they can’t even find the work of a janitor.

Some Gomel because of lack of work are forced to travel to Russia to work.

Similar events “natureade” were held Sunday in other cities of Belarus, in particular Mogilev, Brest and Vitebsk, but was not mass — average gathered about a hundred participants.

Marchers in VitebskMarchers in MogilevMarch in Grodno

On Friday 17 February, the representatives of the Belarusian opposition held in Minsk unauthorized rally against the “tunaytsha decree.” The campaign has gathered, by different estimates, a few thousand people.