Death with a scythe on 530 Minute/hour: expert predicts a continuing disaster of Fukushima

2 Feb 2017 Japanese specialists recorded a deadly dose inside the second reactor emergency, “Fukushima-1”. According to the “Tokyo Electric Power”, the dose rate there is 530 SV/h. it is reported portal “Russian spring”.


According to the author, the problem remains, and each year it gathers new threats. In the inner rooms of Fukushima-1 now has the highest background radiation since the accident.


In addition, the probe of the company TEPCO found a hole with a diameter of about 2 meters in the steel supports of the reactor. Under installation have been found clumps of black. Experts believe that the remains of nuclear fuel, which burned through the reactor vessel, gushed out and partially melted the supports installation.


This means that radiation is not only freely floats in the Pacific ocean, but can reach groundwater in Japan.

Photo: Kimimasa Mayama-Pool / Globallookpress