The Ukrainian military staged a gunfight in the courtyard of a residential building in Kharkov: video

In Kharkov in the yard of a house the veterans of the battalion “Donbass” and members of “Shidny corps” started shooting. It is reported by Gromadske Harkiv with reference to one of the founders of the movement “Shidny body” Oleg Shiryaev.


According to him, the conflict began ostensibly because of a dispute about the blockade of Donbass. Veterans of the battalion opened fire on the activists. The gunman then hid in the kindergarten nearby. After some time they laid down their arms and surrendered who came to the scene of the incident to the police.


According to local media, the conflict one person was injured: he was shot from hunting weapons.

Video: Newsroom Kharkov / YouTube

Photo: Paul Fedosenko / Facebook