The Moscow city Duma has suggested the state Duma to restrict Smoking electronic cigarettes


RIA Novosti

The Moscow city Duma submitted for consideration the state Duma a bill to ban the Smoking of electronic cigarettes (wapow) in public places, transport, the official website of the lower house of Parliament.

The bill prohibits sale to minors of such evaporative mixtures and devices that mimic tobacco Smoking. It is also forbidden their advertising.

Their use is prohibited in cultural institutions, sports, education, medical institutions, on all types of public transport both urban and interurban, in the institutions of trade and public catering, in the areas of social services, bodies of state power. You will also weepy Smoking on playgrounds and beaches, on platforms, in elevators, workplaces, sanatoriums.

The authors of the bill propose to introduce an increased excise tax on these devices to reduce their use.

Under the bill, subject to any device that simulates tobacco Smoking, electronic hookahs, and evaporation of the mixture (the liquid containing nicotine in the amount of from 0.1 milligrams per milliliter, and without nicotine).