The militants in Afghanistan shot 18 soldiers

Nangarhar, archive photo

The militants of banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIS) stormed an army post in Afghanistan and was shot 18 soldiers. About it reports Reuters.

The attack occurred in Nangarhar province, which is considered one of the mainstays of the Afghan wing of the IG. Other details were not disclosed.

The Agency does not exclude that the attack on the checkpoint associated with a major operation the Afghan army is now taking place in the rebellious province. According to the representative of the Governor of Nangarhar Actaully Chokhani, over the past day law enforcers with the support of NATO forces killed 25 Islamic state terrorists.

The militants in Afghanistan is relatively small — estimated by Afghan and American intelligence, there are only a few hundred, mostly they are stationed in several parts of Nangarhar, which are regularly bombed by the US air force. The Islamists often make forays arranging attacks in big cities. The last major incident with their participation recorded in October 2016: then during the battle in Ghor province retreating, the militants took hostage 36 civilians who were shot in retaliation for the deaths of their chiefs. Among the victims were found several children.