The inhabitant of the Oryol region became the Demon Luciferium the Antichrist

The inhabitant of the Oryol region decided to change of the birth name on the Demon Luciferase the Antichrist, according to the newspaper “the Oryol news”. In the regional registry office confirmed the change but did not comment.

“Judging by what name the man chose for himself, he is a supporter of Satanism,” suggested there. According to the publication, before becoming a Demon, the Antichrist, the man was Nikolai Makarov.

The newspaper also found that Demon Antichrist, 43 years old, he considers himself a follower of the “Army of Satan” and claims he can see the back. Neighbors Demon in his native village of Naryshkino said “Oryol news” that he occasionally undergoing treatment and is in the psychiatric records.

In 2014, the family of young Satanists of Perm named their child Lucifer. A year later they had another boy, he was given the name Waldemar. Mother of Lucifer Natalia said that friends of the family affectionately call their firstborn “Leaf”.