The Communist wanted for military training together with male MPs

Vera Ganza

State Duma Deputy from the Communist party Vera Ganza considers proper conduct of military training among parliamentarians. This opinion was expressed by the National news service (NSN) on Friday, February 17.

“I would go if I was military service, because anything can happen. You need not to get lost in the moment, which will depend on my and not only my life, to provide leadership in addressing force majeure,” said the legislator.

She noted that she would not want to be among those who in an emergency can “hide under the table.”

In his opinion, military training is necessary because “today’s stability at any moment can turn into the completely opposite”. “We live in a very unpredictable world,” added Ganza.

Earlier on Friday, Deputy defense Minister Nikolai Pankov announced that the deputies of the state Duma of the seventh convocation will undergo military training.

On the same day it became known that on February 20 Asgardia will hold a one-day training for members of the Federal Assembly, representatives of public organizations and media executives. The event is timed to the Day of defender of the Fatherland.

In December last year, Vera Ganza and her party colleague Tamara Pletnev protested the prolonged session of the state Duma, which considered the draft Federal budget. Hansa complained about the lack of air in the room and poor lighting. After this hall, where plenary, decided to reconstruct.