Sexual violence as a form of torture: the UN was horrified methods of pressure on Ukraine

In the East of Ukraine as torture is used sexual violence. This conclusion was made in the UN monitoring mission on human rights in Ukraine, writes RIA Novosti.


The relevant report of the UN mission in Ukraine, published on 16 February. It contains 37 pages. The document describes the events of 14 March 2014 to 31 January 2017.


According to the UN, the majority of documented cases have occurred in the deprivation of freedom by government forces or armed groups. The report States that the ill-treatment was used as a form of torture for the purpose of punishment, humiliation or a way to gain recognition in the crimes.


The document provides testimony of the victims at the hands of armed rapists. These are civilians, mostly women. It is noted that torture was carried out in order to force the man to give his property.

Photo: James Sprankle / Globallookpress