Russia’s envoy to NATO has warned about the threat of the cold war


RIA Novosti

The thesis about the weakness of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) carries a risk, as is part of the mythologizing of the threat from Russia. This opinion was expressed by Russia’s permanent representative to NATO Alexander Grushko. His words TASS reports.

“Part of the NATO mythology about the threat from Russia is the thesis of some weakness of NATO, but the numbers speak for themselves. Total military spending is only for European countries-members of NATO than 250 billion euros, is more than the sum of (military) budget of Russia and China,” – said Grushko.

Grushko said that the best guarantee of security of the countries-members of the military unit – a healthy relationship with Moscow. However, if the dialogue will not contribute to the resumption of cooperation, Russia may lose interest in such dialogue, said the Ambassador. According to Grushko, increased NATO in the black sea region will lead to tension, since the region “affects the vital interests of the Russian Federation”. According to the Russian representative to NATO, Russia has already retaliated to strengthen groups in the South of the country.