Residents of four of the NATO countries want to see Russia as an ally in case of war

According to the survey, conducted by pollsters WIN/Gallup International, the residents of the four countries that are members of NATO, would prefer to be among the allies of Russia in case of aggression against their countries.


Allies of Russia would like to be the people of Greece, Slovenia, Turkey and Bulgaria. It is noteworthy that his main opponent, the Greeks and the Bulgarians consider Turkey, which is their NATO ally.


The majority of respondents sociologists of the countries would prefer to see the allies of the United States, and the citizens of Russia in case of aggression against their country would like to be in Alliance with China. While the Chinese themselves in the same situation would have chosen the Russians, according to Bloomberg.


A poll by WIN / Gallup International, was conducted in 66 countries where it polled 1000 people in the period October to December 2016. The error in the results is from 3 to 5 percent.

Photo: Alexey Ivanov / TRK Star