Novgorod Yabloko filed an appeal to the Supreme court


RIA Novosti

Novgorod branch of party “the Apple” has filed an appeal in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation on the decision of the Novgorod regional court. We will remind, “the Apple” has demanded to cancel the elections of deputies to the regional Parliament in September 2016. In the regional branch of the party believe that gross violations of the law by the election Commission of the Novgorod region and the state institution “Agency of information communications” led to the fact that Yabloko was deprived of the mandate in the regional Parliament.

In particular, in its lawsuit with the regional court “Yabloko” declared the refusal to grant them a free print space in state media — the refusal was motivated by the presence in the programme of the regional office of the paragraph about sending the now ex-Governor Mitin resign. Also in the statement of “Yabloko” indicate the use of propaganda with the facts of slander against the party and the bribery of voters in Borovichi.

Recall that during the election campaign in the fall of 2016 the list, the Novgorod regional branch of the Yabloko party not registered in the elections to the Novgorod regional Duma. The Central apparatus of the party has filed a complaint to the CEC, after which a list of the regional branch was registered, and the head of the CEC, Ella Pamfilova recommended Novgorod the head of the electoral Commission Boris Alekseev to leave the post.

According to Apple, the decision of the Novgorod regional court illegal and unreasonable. New the appeal the party filed to the Supreme court. “Violations of the electoral legislation and the rights of candidates from the “Apple” is so obvious that it is impossible to see them. Our arguments about the illegal refusal to provide free print space in state media was supported by the Communist party and the Prosecutor. Due to violations of the “Apple” has lost the mandate of the Deputy of the Novgorod regional Duma. If the Supreme court does not satisfy our complaint, we will refer to the ECHR,”— said the representative of “Apple” Anna Cherepanova.