Lavrov found in the minds of Western politicians, the continuation of the cold war

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov expressed opinion that the cold war is still not over. On Saturday, February 18, reports “Interfax”.

To such conclusion the Minister came after reviewing the speeches of a number of Western politicians at the Munich security conference. “It is said that wars begin in the minds of people, there, they, logically, have to end,” said Lavrov. However, with the geopolitical conflict with the Soviet times that has not happened yet, says the Minister.

Speaking about NATO, the Minister noted that the Alliance remained “Institute cold war”. According to Lavrov, the organization is still not ready to resume cooperation with Russia. “It’s sad,” the official added.

Earlier on Saturday, Vice-President Michael Penny said at the Munich conference that the United States continues to impose on Russia responsible for the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a speech at the same event stated that the Western countries failed to establish cooperation with Russia since the cold war.

The cold war — a period of geopolitical, military and economic confrontation between the USSR and USA and their allies in the years 1946-1989.