Krasnoyarsk deputies from the liberal democratic party has decided to fight with the bureaucracy “with an axe”


Alexander Gliskov page in “Vkontakte”

The head of fraction of LDPR in Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Gliskov brought to the building of the regional Parliament, a four-foot mockup of an axe. On Thursday, February 16, reported on the website of the party.

“This axe symbolizes our work for the benefit of citizens. We mercilessly cut down the life of Krasnoyarsk problems associated with bureaucratic arbitrariness and bureaucracy. And will continue to do so,” said Glascow.

On the blade of the tool, the layout of which is produced in Krasnoyarsk artist Vasily Elephants, placed the image of the party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and on the handle says “Strike on the bureaucrats!”.

“To bring in the building of the Legislative Assembly of the territory layout of knives Piskovo protection of Krasnoyarsk Parliament first allowed. But in the end an ax, symbolizing the struggle against bureaucracy took its place in the office of the Deputy,” reads the party’s website.

In August 2015, young engineers demonstrated a four-foot flying axe to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the Moscow international aviation and space salon. “Maybe you will come up with a flying iron”, — quotes the President TASS.