In Spain, a court sentenced the brother-in-law of the king to six years for financial fraud

In Spain, a court sentenced the brother-in-law of the king to six years for financial fraud

At the same time, the king’s sister Infanta Cristina was justified.

Moscow. 17 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — a Spanish court on Friday acquitted the sister of the king of Spain Felipe VI, Cristina Infante in the case of complicity in fiscal fraud in the framework of the project, Noos, at the same time, she must pay a fine in the amount of 265 thousand euros, according to Spanish TV and radio RTVE.

Her husband Inaki Underlain sentenced to six years and three months in prison. The Infanta and her husband learned of the decision of the court in Geneva where their residence is.

Only in the case of financial fraud in the framework of the project of Noos held 15 people. To the most severe punishment sentenced one of the colleagues of Undergoin Diego Torres, he will have to spend in prison eight years and six months. Meanwhile, issued on Friday, the sentences can still be appealed, said RTE.

Urdangarin was accused of his sports Foundation, Noos, registered as a nonprofit organization, was used to obtain from the local authorities of contracts at inflated prices, and the profit received on his personal account. A criminal case was opened in 2010 by a judge who had investigated corruption in the Balearic Islands. In 2015, Spain’s new king Felipe VI was deprived of sister Christine of the title Duchess of Palma, but she remains sixth in line to the throne.

After the outbreak of the scandal, Infante Cristina and her husband was not invited to an official Royal event. The then king of the Princess’s father Juan Carlos is trying to protect the reputation of the Royal family

In 2013, the couple with four children moved to Switzerland, not to cast aspersions on the Royal family. However, this move caused criticism, as the Spanish taxpayers had to pay for their protection.