WikiLeaks reported about the spying the CIA for French politicians

WikiLeaks reported on the surveillance by the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) for the French politicians during the presidential election in a European country in 2012. The corresponding statement is available on the organization’s website.

As indicated in the document, the collection of information was carried out against the leading political parties: Socialist, Party for national unity (now Republican party), National front, as well as the leaders of these associations and presidential candidates Francois Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy, marine Le Pen and other politicians.

The Americans were interested in the mood within the party, relations with business circles, sources of financing, including from abroad.

Also, according to WikiLeaks, CIA officers received the instruction to establish the content of private conversations of President Nicolas Sarkozy, his attitude towards other candidates and the contents of instructions to assistants and advisors.

In addition, American intelligence agencies were interested in the electoral potential of those or other political forces, as well as the opinion of politicians about current world events, to have an idea about their likely actions in the event of coming to power.

As indicated in the materials of a spy campaign lasted 10 months and ended after the election victory of Francois Hollande and the formation of a new government.