Why are men more harmful to eat fatty foods?

Why are men more harmful to eat fatty foods?

A recent study showed that men and women respond differently to fatty foods. Dr. Zoe Williams decided to test it myself and sat down on the “unhealthy” diet.

It seems that all agree that a lot of fat is harmful. But how harmful, it turns out, depends whether you are male or female, writes Dr. Zoe Williams.

Too much fat in the diet can cause you will gain weight. You can even develop cardiovascular disease, especially if you eat the so-called “bad fats” like polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-6 which are found in many processed foods and fast food.

But now it turns out that sausages, pies, cakes and other more harmful for men than for women.

A recent study was conducted in which two groups, divided by gender, a week ate only such foods and in large numbers, and scientists while trying to understand how the body of men and women in different ways controls the blood sugar level.

I decided to test this diet on your own body, and so I have someone to compare the result, I persuaded the head of this research, Dr. Matt Cox of the University of Liverpool John Moores, to keep me company.

Before starting, we measured the amount of fat and the amount of sugar in the blood. We were also given a glucometer to we during the week are at measured the level of blood sugar.

A typical daily diet “fat diet” Zoe:

Breakfast: three eggs, 30g cheddar cheese, 60 g spicy chorizo sausage, 10 grams of oil.

Lunch: 10 oz of butter, cheese and onion pie, meat pie with pork filling, two sticks of cheese.

Dinner: 150 g pork belly, 30 grams cheddar cheese, 60 grams of salad from shredded cabbage and carrots with mayonnaise dressing, three potato muffin.

Snack, snack: can of coke, 30 grams of nuts.

Fat — in large quantities

To get the result in just a week, we had to consume 50% more calories than usual. Our usual meal consisted of a couple of sausages, a few hash Browns, several slices of bacon and slice of cheese.

Twice in the past week, Matt and I drank drinks with high sugar content to boost blood sugar levels. This process happens when we eat carbohydrates our body breaks down to glucose. The meter was supposed to show us whether our diet is high in fats on our ability to excrete glucose.

When we looked at the results, we saw that, as the women in the study carried out by Matt before, my ability to control the level of glucose is not worse from this diet. However, Matt has the ability to remove glucose from the body has deteriorated by 50%.

This same trend was observed in the study of Matt, where men on average by 14% deteriorated in the control of body glucose levels.

“One of the first steps on the road to diabetes 2-go type — is the deterioration of the body control the level of glucose in the blood, explains Matt. And what we saw here, is the fact that I have significantly reduced its ability to control blood sugar levels, and if I continued in the same spirit long enough, I would have probably got the diabetes 2-go type.”

Matt and I tried the extreme version of the “fatty diet”, but in real life the same process, only on a smaller scale, will occur in those who regularly eat too much fat.

What are men to do?

The best advice is to eat balanced, although playing sports can also help.

“If you eat and then exercise, you will “burn” eaten, explains Matt. — Let’s say you eat something very fatty or sweet — you can reduce the negative effect to zero, for example, then going for a walk”.