The terrorist attack in the Sinai Peninsula killed five people

With the explosion of a land mine in the North of the Sinai Peninsula killed five Egyptian soldiers. About it reports Reuters.

Two more soldiers were injured. The explosive device was buried on the side of the road. It detonated when passing by a military APC. Responsibility for the attack itself, no one has claimed, but law enforcers suspect in the conduct of the local branch of the banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” (IG).

The rebellion at Sinai in 2011. After the summer of 2014, the numerous groups operating in this region, and swore allegiance to ISIS and have joined forces, the situation there has deteriorated. Over the last three years the victims of the war against Sinai Islamists were hundreds of soldiers, police and civilians.

October 31, 2015, in the Sinai Peninsula crashed Airbus A321 for Russian airline “Kogalymavia” carrying out flight on a route Sharm El-Sheikh- Saint Petersburg. All aboard passengers and crew members were killed. The responsibility for what happened took on the militants affiliated with ISIS the terrorist group “Vilayat Sinai.” The accident occurred as a result of the explosion of a bomb carried on Board by one of the accomplices of the militants.