The Seoul court approved the arrest of the Deputy head of Samsung

Lee Jae Yong

In South Korea, the court has given out the sanction on arrest of the Deputy head of Samsung Lee Jae Yong, who is under investigation of corruption scandal in which he was involved President Park Geun-Hye. About it reports Reuters.

The Central district court of Seoul rejected the request to arrest the President of Samsung Electronics San Jin Pak, who also heads the Korean Federation of equestrian sports.

To request the arrest of two top managers of the special Prosecutor’s office asked on Tuesday, February 14, after a previous attempt to arrest Lee Jae Yong was blocked by the court last month.

Lee Jae Yong and San Jin Park accused of bribery and other crimes.

As assumes a consequence, in 2015, Lee Jae Yong has authorized the transfer to the accounts of the company, registered in Germany and owned by Choi sung-SIL, a friend of the President, 22 billion won ($18.3 million). Funds could be available for support of the merger of the two Samsung affiliates in contravention of the existing legislation.

The case of Lee Jae Yong is part of a series of investigations that ensued after the beginning of the political crisis in South Korea. The reason was the story of Choi sung-SIL. She was accused of pressure on dozens of major firms with the purpose of transfer of their money in two non-profit Foundation. In case of figures, the sum of 77.4 billion won ($65.6 million).

Another defendant in the case, former second assistant to the President Jeong Ho song accused of transferring friend of the President classified information.

On 9 December, the Parliament voted for impeachment, Park Geun-Hye. During the 180-day period, the decision shall either approve or cancel the constitutional court of the Republic.