The Pakistani military conducted a campaign of retaliation after the terrorist attack in Sehwan-Sharif

The Pakistani military has conducted several large-scale counter-terrorism operations across the country. The raids were a response to the attack, which occurred on February 16 in Sehwan-Sharif in Sindh. It is reported Associated Press with reference to local police sources.

The attack of special forces in the city of Karachi killed 11 suspected terrorists. During another operation, the military came under fire from militants and retaliatory fire killed seven of them.

Representatives of the security service of Pakistan reported that total in different regions of the country were destroyed by terrorists 39, 47, was arrested.

February 16, in the Pakistani city of Sehwan-Sharif attack occurred. During evening prayer in the main hall in the Shrine of Lal Shahbaz, a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device in which killed 75 people, injured dozens.

Responsibility for the incident was assumed banned in the Russian terrorist group “Islamic state”.

Three days earlier in a suicide attack in Pakistan’s Lahore killed 10 people.