The Finnish Parliament legalized same-sex marriage

MPs rejected by a majority of votes a citizen’s initiative to repeal the law about equal marriage. It is reported

“Parliament has confirmed that gay marriage will be 100 percent resolved now and forever. Happy weddings!” — said in this regard, the leader of the party “Green Alliance” Ville Niinistö, quoted in the Russian service “bi-Bi-si”.

Opponents of gay marriage gathered on a petition demanding its abolition, more than 50 thousand signatures. The civil initiative was supported by MPs from the party “True Finns” and “Christian Democrats”.

A law allowing persons of the same sex to enter into a formal marriage, was adopted in Finland in 2014. Since March 1 of this year it takes effect. Now the country’s same-sex couples are allowed to join the so-called “registered partnership”, which is not considered renocannon official marriage.

After the law came into force Finland will become the 21st country in the world where gay marriages are allowed. For the first time such unions were legalized in the Netherlands in 2001.