The Chinese foreign Minister has described relations with Russia as a pillar of global stability

Wang And

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that relations of China and Russia are the pillars of global stability, RIA Novosti reported.

“It is a pillar of global stability. These relations are developing dynamically”, he noted, speaking at the Munich security conference. Wang promised that China will continue to strive to strengthen these relations.

Speaking about the North Korean nuclear issue, the Minister said that the US and the DPRK must take political decisions to overcome the situations around her. You need to break the vicious circle of sanctions against Pyongyang and a nuclear test in the DPRK, he added.

He also touched upon the relations of his country with the United States. “Bilateral relations between China and the United States — one of the most important in the world,” he said. “We are ready to work with the United States on the principles of confrontational and non-contentious,” — said the Chinese Minister.