The American media learned who carries the nuclear football trump

The American media learned who carries the nuclear football trump

MOSCOW, 16 Feb — RIA Novosti. The information portal TMZ has published a photo of the assistant to the President Donald trump, who wears a nuclear suitcase device for actuating of a nuclear Arsenal.

According to the newspaper, is a former graduate of the military Academy West Point, Ricardo Turner, who is a military assistant in the office of the President. It, along with the alleged nuclear suitcase managed to photograph the team trump the estate of the President of the Mar-a-Lago in Florida during the visit of Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe.

Trump President’s Nuclear ‘Football’ Carrier Ricardo Turner Recently Promoted (PHOTOS)

— TMZ (@TMZ) February 15, 2017

A photo and a name called by one of the guests, the newspaper notes. It is noteworthy that the Americans call the suitcase with the nuclear codes presidential “nuclear football”. “This is Rick, he’s wearing “football”, wrote one of the guests at Mar-a-Largo published his picture with a smiling Ricardo Turner.

According to TMZ, trump recently promoted to the post of major Ricardo Turner to Lieutenant Colonel.

Military aides provide direct support to Trump and officers serve in emergency situations, but not all of them are allowed to carry the nuclear suitcase, the newspaper notes.