Svanidze suggested to bury Lenin on the centennial of the October


RIA Novosti

The body of Vladimir Lenin has offered to bury the centenary of the October revolution of 1917. This initiative was made by the historian Nikolai Svanidze. His words captured the national news service (NSN).

“For the reburial of Lenin anything can be a reason. I would even say that for this reason is not necessary. The only reason to bury one’s death,” said Svanidze.

According to the historian, the authorities do not dare to bury the body of the leader of the revolution in respect of concerns that some companies would not support this idea. However, Svanidze is convinced that “Lenin is not interesting to anyone”, except the functionaries of the Communist party. Svanidze also said that the mausoleum on red square has long lost its symbolic meaning. According to a sociological survey conducted by VTSIOM, the idea of burying Lenin’s body supports 60% of Russians, 36 per cent of whom insist on immediate burial and 24% believe that it is necessary to wait, when the leaves generation, admire this historical figure. 26 January 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the question of burying Lenin’s body “should be approached very carefully so as not to take any steps that would divide our society”.

Vladimir Lenin – a Russian revolutionary, Creator of the first in the history of the world socialist state. Lenin died 21 January 1924, the same year his body was placed in the mausoleum on red square in Moscow.