Russia by the summer to pay off creditors of the USSR

Russia by the summer to pay off creditors of the USSR

New debt of the country increases at the expense of private companies.

Russia to fly will pay the last debt of the USSR — owed to Bosnia and Herzegovina by donating her $ $ 125.2 million

As have informed “news” a source in the government, the agreement on the repayment of the debt to the Balkan country is already awaiting signature.

Remains only to sign in the coming months. Payment takes place in one tranche on the web, there were no complications, until the summer issue will be secretions in the government

This duty is the last, which Russia will pay, as the legal successor of the USSR. Wondering what to pay him will have obligations to another country that does not exist now on the map — Yugoslavia, one of the assignees of which is Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Debt to Yugoslavia was formed due to trade relations, because it is not like debts to Paris club countries, which was repaid in 2006. The complexity of trade relations between the USSR and Yugoslavia lay in the fact that it was in fact the exchange of goods on a certain conditional value which can be interpreted in different ways.

Experts believe that this fact is more of a political than economic in nature.

As for the external debt of Russia itself, they now mostly have the character of debt of private companies, which attracted resources from abroad.

According to the Central Bank on October 1, 2016, the Russian state foreign debt stood at $38.6 billion, and debt of the corporate sector — $256 billion