On the fence between Mexico and the United States found the catapult to transport marijuana

The customs and border guard in Arizona found on a fence on the us-Mexican border device used for transporting drugs into the United States. It is reported by CNN.

Homemade catapult was discovered near the checkpoint Douglas last week. The device appears to be constructed of square tubing and heavy-duty springs connected by welding. Some parts of the catapult is wound a rope.

Officers also noticed a few people near the fence separating the two States, but unknown managed to escape. When inspecting the area were found two bags of marijuana weighing more than 21 kilograms.

Customs and border protection was notified about the incident the competent authorities in Mexico. The catapult was removed and then dismantled American guards.

CNN also writes about other ways to smuggle drugs from Mexico into the United States. In particular, in January of this year, police in Texas seized a large consignment of marijuana worth over 700 thousand dollars. The drugs were disguised as limes.