Medvedev appeared to watch with sea Navigator

Medvedev appeared to watch with sea Navigator

New tech gadget noticed the Russian Prime Minister. Dmitry Medvedev is now wearing a smart watch with the Garmin Maritime GPS navigation.

Is the instrument

Journalists first noticed the device on the hand of Medvedev at meeting in the Federation Council.

Garmin Quatix 3 — watch, developed by the American company for the captains of sailing and motor vessels, fans of saltwater fishing, but perfect for people who travel a lot, doing Hiking and Multisport. See prices on Garmin watch.

Price Garmin Quatix 3 – 53 890 rubles

In Garmin Quatix 3 integrated steel EXO antenna with GPS and GLONASS, altimeter, barometer, 3-axis compass. Pre-installed apps to report the tides have functions for sailing regattas, counter for fish, timer events, the alarm system of drift from the anchorage, etc.

Earlier, Medvedev was the Apple Watch Sport (price), budget Swatch WEE HOURS with a monochrome screen and recently Swatch Touch Tress Code (SURB121) with quartz movement in a plastic case.