Media in the United States have disagreed regarding a case against Flynn

Michael Flynn

The American media have disagreed on the possibility of a case against former adviser to the U.S. President for national security Michael Flynn. Thus, the sources of The Washington Post (WP) allowed the prosecution, as during the FBI interrogation he gave a false testimony about the conversation with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak. CNN interlocutors expressed doubt that the outcome of events.

16 Feb WP newspaper reported that in late January the Federal Bureau of investigation questioned Flynn about his conversation with Kislyak, who said that not talking with the Russian Ambassador about the sanctions, allegedly not true. The publication notes that perjury is a serious offense, however, the decision to prosecute will be taken by the Ministry of justice.

According to sources of the newspaper, to prove the guilt would be relatively easy, because Flynn “might try to conduct a detailed analysis of the definition of sanctions.”

At the same time, sources CNN law enforcement agencies reported that the former presidential adviser on national security is not threatened criminal prosecution. According to them, Flynn truthfully answered the questions and did not try to mislead employees of the Bureau. The sources noted that it is noted that the receipt of any important new information could change the position of the FBI on the issue of arraignment.

15 Feb Flynn said that during negotiations with Kislyak they did not discuss the sanctions, but the fact of deportation from the United States 35 Russian diplomats. “I never said anything like: “We’re going to review the sanctions,” or something like that,” he said.

In early February, the U.S. broke the scandal in the center of which was Advisor to trump on national security. The WP, citing unnamed sources, reported that Flynn in December 2016 discussed with the dubious anti-Russian sanctions.

As a result, 13 Feb Flynn resigned, stating that is not fully informed Vice-President Mike Pence and other members of the White house about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador. Trump signed his statement.

29 December 2016, the administration of Barack Obama, who was then President of the United States, announced the expulsion from the country in 72 hours 35 Russian diplomats and their family members. The White house claimed that this retaliation “the oppression of the American diplomatic representatives in Moscow from the Russian authorities.”