Journalists kicked out of the hall during the welcoming speech Tillerson

Rex Tillerson

During the first meeting of the new Secretary of state Rex Tillerson with the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov in Bonn journalists kicked out of the room after the first phrase of an American official. On Thursday, February 16, the correspondent “reports” from the event.

Tillerson managed to say: “Hello. Thank you, Mr. Lavrov, I am also pleased to see you,” as members of the U.S. delegation ordered the press to leave immediately. Their actions are not explained.

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson for the first time spoke with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on the sidelines of the meeting of foreign Ministers of G20 countries.

On the eve of talks, February 12, Lavrov expressed hope for closer contacts with the new US administration. “I am convinced that our dialogue with the administration of Donald trump, which has already begun, will continue, will be more intense, once all parts of the administration who are engaged in foreign Affairs,” he said.