Drought in Mexico has discovered a submerged ancient temple

Drought in Mexico has discovered a submerged ancient temple

Flooded in the 60-ies of the last century the Church in the Mexican state of Chiapas this year, appeared from under the water nearly a month earlier than it should, and looks almost untouched.

Scientists believe that the temple was built in the XVI century, when the monks came to Mexico to preach the Christian doctrine. In 1962 the Mexican government, raising the region’s agriculture, the dam was built where the Church was flooded.

Now, however, annually fall of the water level, the Church once again appears on the surface. The last time due to a severe drought, the water is only 16% of its volume, and the temple you can see almost from the very Foundation, writes Daily Mail.

400-year-old temple is revealed after decades underwater
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Usually, though, the Church appears only at the beginning of March this year, she appeared in mid-February, indicating a strong water crisis facing the region.

Now the Church, which was flooded for decades, looks almost untouched. Footage shot by a drone, shows that the structure of the stone crumbled under the water.