DNR ready for war – Zaharchenko

The head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko has said it is ready to release Kiev-controlled Donbas territories by military means. It is reported Вести.Ru. akharchenko, recalled that in the past the DNR has always called to solve the problem through political means.


“We have always said that it is desirable to do it through political means”, – said Zakharchenko.


He added that if Kiev does not understand, “the DNI can do it by military means”.


According to Zakharchenko, in this step, the militia are ready to go in case political methods would be inefficient. He also noted that the liberation of these territories is a collective task.


Earlier it was reported that in Bakhmut Donetsk region continues to remain illegal nationalist troops. Former fighters of “Zaporozhye” came to support the so-called redoubt “Zaporozhye” for the assault battalions which are prepared by the APU.

Photo: Dan levy / RIA Novosti