A mother and child burned in the blazing house in KHMAO

A mother with a three year old child died in the fire in a residential building in Ugra. Their bodies were found by rescuers in the course of the rubble. About it reported in a press-service of EMERCOM in the region. According to the Agency, burned one-storey dormitory.


“The hostel is consisted of 11 rooms. There were more than 10 people. Currently, the work on analysis of blockages. Discovered the bodies of two dead women born in 1988 and her son 2014 birth”, – said Olga Amikin, the chief a press-services UMVD Rossii po KHMAO Yugra.


Rescuers also reported that several people were saved. Some evacuated on their own. One person was hospitalized.


“By the time of arrival of divisions of EMERCOM of Russia, the building was on fire on the area of 360 sq. m, in the view of the flames inside the building observed a dense smoke. 12 people evacuated on their own. The building could still be people. Units immediately included in the apparatus of respiratory protection and began to search people and extinguish the fire. In dense smoke, firefighters found the man unconscious, took out it on fresh air and transferred to specialists “ambulance”, – is spoken in the message.


Earlier it was reported that a wooden residential house consisting of 18 apartments, completely burned in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district. The incident occurred in the Ugra Megion city. According to preliminary information, lived in the house 15 people, including three children. For tenants of the burned house deployed temporary accommodation.

Photo: emergency situations Ministry