US intelligence agencies have been suspected of trying to “cut stool” under trump

Andrey Svintsov

Information about the contacts of people from the entourage of the President of the United States Donald trump with senior representatives of the Russian intelligence to spread American intelligence agencies, the purpose of which is to discredit the head of state. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications, Andrei Svintsov told “” on Wednesday, February 15.

“The decision to dismantle it from the position of head of state. I am sure that they are in the pocket of a sufficient number of trump cards that they will get as needed, and slowly cut the stool is very watery, which is now sitting American President,” — said the MP.

In his opinion, after several similar statements of the American leader will begin “calls for his impeachment”.

Trump’s statement that the position of his predecessor, Barack Obama on the Crimean issue could be too soft, proves that the pressure on him is growing, said lead. “I hope that he will resist these calls, maintain common sense and will to act for the good of the American people,” he added.

February 14 the New York Times citing sources said that “the members of the presidential campaign of Donald trump and other people from his entourage repeatedly in contact with high-ranking representatives of the Russian intelligence”. This was supposedly evidenced by the data about calls and intercepted telephone conversations.

In the foreign intelligence Service of Russia, this information is called unsubstantiated speculation”. Trump wrote on his Twitter page that it was an attempt “to cover a lot of mistakes committed by team Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign.”