Tweets trump was transferred to the “childish” language

Tweets trump was transferred to the “childish” language

In a network there was a browser extension for the “translation” of publications of the US President Donald trump on Twitter “childish” language. This publication reports The Observer.

A Google Chrome extension called Make Eight Trump Tweets Again released by the creators of the American Comedy program The Daily Show, which airs on Comedy Central. Addition to the browser automatically converts tweets trump text, allegedly written by the uncertain hand of a child.

In addition, the extension “paints” tweets in different colors.

This extension is great or what? ???


— Saif Al Falah (@saifalfalah) 16 Feb 2017

The publication notes that usually trump the “scribbling on Twitter like a child”, so his tweets really is like that.

Especially funny reporters seemed to publications associated with the official events, according to them, they look fake

In mid-February, American rock musician Nick Lutsko published the track, which as the text used Twitter to trump. According to him, the publication of the President’s ideally suited for creating emo songs of the early 2000-ies.