“The snuggler” Retriever Labutina became the star of Instagram

“The snuggler” Retriever Labutina became the star of Instagram

Golden Retriever named Labutina (Louboutina) won users Instagram for his love of cuddling with strangers. Your dog drew the attention of the Huffington Post.

The owner of Louboutins, a resident of new York, Cesar Fernandez-Chavez (Cesar Fernandez-Chavez) said that usually before you walk the dog sits and waits for her hug. Only after that they are on the street, where Labutina with everyone hugging passers-by.

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In January of this year, the Fernandez-Chavez captured a very touching moment: the dog did not beg for a hug, and sat beside the stranger and held out his paw. A passerby took her hand and stood with her for a few minutes.

The owner got pet a private account on Instagram in 2014. At the moment, in touching snapshots with Labutina watch almost 100 thousand subscribers.

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In January, Instagram has gained popularity account with photos of single dogs on leashes. Its Creator — the Irishman from Australia named Andy (Andy) — for several years collecting photos of dogs sitting on a leash at the stores in anticipation of the owners.