The Pentagon said the destroyer flyby of Russian aircraft in the Black sea


RIA Novosti

US Department of defense expressed concern about the flight of Russian military aircraft near a us destroyer in the Black sea on February 10. This was stated by RIA Novosti the representative of the Pentagon Lieutenant Colonel Michelle Baldanza.

According to her, the close proximity of the destroyer Porter (room DDG78), which carried out a routine patrol in international waters after the exercises, Sea Shield, there was “a few incidents with a large number of Russian aircraft”.

The commander assessed these maneuvers as “unsafe and unprofessional”. “The destroyer Porter asked for all the planes and got no response. Russian planes did not include their transponders,” said Baldanza.

The Pentagon spokesman added that such incidents are of concern because the result may be an accident or miscalculations of the military.

Captain Danny Hernandez, the representative of the European command of the United States, said Reuters, that there were three separate incidents involving Russian aircraft and the destroyer Porter. One was attended by two Russian su-24 in the other — single su-24 in the third — Il-38.

Earlier in the Pentagon said that such incidents occur quite often and cause US “serious concerns in the security sphere”. In particular, in April 2016, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Joseph Dunford said that overflights of Russian planes ships USA sooner or later can trigger an accidental military clash.