The leader of “the friendly farmers” was suspected of bribery

Alexey Volchenko

The leader of the movement “friendly farmers” Alexey Volchenko was accused of bribery. On Thursday, February 16, the Internet edition “Caucasian knot” has reported himself Kuban activist.

According to Volchenko, he asked a friend of Starovelichkovskaya village to see if his father suffered a heart attack, get help required for renewal of a driver’s license. After some time, the mediator informed the farmer that to get a medical certificate, doctors need to pay. Then the activist went to the police with a statement and asked for money friend.

The investigator promised Volchenko that the man will be detained at the transfer of money, but in the end the activist went to the police while receiving the help. “Now I blame the fact that I bribed the doctor for the illegal actions. I bribe were not given, those doctors in the eye has not seen,” — said the activist, adding that the home of his sister and mother were searched.

The “Caucasian knot” notes that the information on excitation of criminal case against Volchenko confirmed the investigation bodies.

In August last year, farmers of Krasnodar Krai staged a tractor run. The participants were going to get to Moscow, where he would appeal to the Russian President with a request to solve the problem of the courts which, in their opinion, render unfair decisions. March came only to the Rostov region, where he was stopped. At the end of the month the Caucasian district court of the Krasnodar region sanctioned administrative arrest of the leader of “the friendly farmers” and 11 other participants that the action was not coordinated with the authorities.