The Happiness Of Alice. Having conquered the hearts of millions, Natalia Guseva hid from glory

The Happiness Of Alice. Having conquered the hearts of millions, Natalia Guseva hid from glory

For the anniversary of the actress Aify talks about the girl, overnight became a Megastar, but then changed career to science and peaceful family life.

Permanantely Murashkevich

The phenomenon of kinonablyudeniya Alice Selezneva trying to unravel until now. In the mystery of the most famous heroines of Soviet cinema — a fragile girl with big blue eyes that were in love with millions of students? How to explain why forty guys in online communities of fans “guest from the future” to this day, sigh about Alice, keep tapes with your favorite movie and reviewing it periodically?

While fans regret that the past will not return, Natalia Guseva (this is the maiden name of the performer of the role of Alice Selezneva, which it learned the whole country) February 15, will mark its 45th anniversary.

Natalia Guseva has not become an actress, dedicating her life to science, and most of the suggestions about the filming, which she did after “Guests from the future”, was rejected.

Series8.0 Guest from будущего1984 / USSR / 1 h 4 min dramallama…

Brother of the first husband Natalia, a TV producer Vlad Murashkevich, explains: “Natasha is not one of those who gets sick film and wants to devote his life to it. She received many offers — not only acting in films, but also to TV programs, to participate in a talk show, but she’s shunned because she’s not interested, not close in spirit! Only a rare invitation she made, yielding to the entreaties.

Maybe his role in rejection of the life of a movie star played that after participation in the film “guest from the future” without protection it was impossible to move, the fans watched on every corner, and it’s very tiring.

And today prevents to live another attack — false social media accounts on behalf of Natalya Guseva. For information: Natasha has no pages in any of the social networks. All accounts created is not clear by whom, so be careful. I recently wrote one woman, they say, affect your known relative, which is extorting money for allegedly distributing pornography. Told also such cases that some of my friends about “Alice” asked “to put” money on the phone, someone elicit personal information… I want to emphasize again: Natasha no in social networks. Her name scammers.

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Surprises from fans

Of course, the main fan Natalia Guseva — her first husband Dennis Murashkevich — no one could surpass. This is a textbook story of how a lover boy organized the delivery of the parcel to the object of his adoration, and as a present he jumped out of the box like a rabbit from a hat in the buff.

The rest were only writing letters: messages from fans Natalia had collected several boxes from-under TVs.

“Other surprises I do not remember, — says Vlad Murashkevich. — My brother is an alpha male, so he Natasha was guarding from unwanted attention, not allowed to her much closer. And people, when they feel that they can get it in the neck, do not climb on the rampage. In General, they had a fairly happy marriage and relationship, and the term (lasted 8 years). Probably the best of those relationships that, after their separation was both.

Why did they get divorced? Life is so complicated. People grow up, they can change views on life, and from mistakes, which make the decision to leave, no one is immune.

In any case, they remained friends and maintain a cordial relationship, and address the issues of education total daughter Alesya. And Denis and Natalya after breaking up was a attachment, but, I think, for them it’s always been important to the native people were happy with a new partner, so they provided each other moral support feasible. Now they have a new family, in which children were born. Natasha is a mother of three daughters and will soon be on the job from maternity leave. Her new marriage is successful, and it gives the impression of a happy woman”.

Creative daughter

20-year-old daughter Natalia and Denis — Ales — always loved to draw, so I enrolled in an art College. “Talent, my daughter manifested itself even in childhood: she has a unique artistic vision, — says Vlad Murashkevich. Dennis noticed it and even put on a commercial basis: stylized Alesya used for the manufacture of clothing one Moscow firm. And t-shirts with these prints were in demand, but nothing was said that drew’s daughter Alice Selezneva”. Learning, as far as I know, she’s not bad, and overall very bright and interesting young girl.

Ales often happens in Minsk, visits with grandparents, and a cousin, the son of Vlad Murashkevich, which is very friendly. The young man, in turn, often visiting her cousin in Moscow.