President of the Foundation Dr. Lisa Ksenia Sokolova



The President of the Fund “Fair aid”, created by philanthropist Elizaveta Glinka (Doctor Liza), who died in the crash of Tu-154 over the Black sea, chosen by the journalist Ksenia Sokolova, RIA “Novosti”.

A former columnist for GQ magazine and former editor in chief of Esquire magazine Sokolov, which is the Trustee of the Fund, was chosen President of the organization unanimously.

“I am deeply touched by what colleagues and associates of Elizabeth had trust in me and offered to take part in the work of the organization, becoming President of the “Fair aid”. It is a great honor and a great responsibility,” — said Sokolov.

Earlier, a source reported that the Fund Elizabeth Glinka “Fair use” can lead the journalist Ksenia Sokolova.

Elizaveta Glinka died in the crash of Tu-154 in the Black sea near Sochi in December 2016.