Ex-MP: the Nazis seized power in Ukraine

Ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Igor Markov is convinced that the authorities in Ukraine is in the hands of the Nazis. About this politician said in the program “Forecasts” on the TV channel “Star”.   “There is a small group of collaborators and the subsequent Nazis who now dominate and in the information space, political and everything else is just severely suppressed,” – said Markov.   He noted that the majority of Ukrainians do not support the political course of the country’s leadership.   “The whole conflict in the Donbass, all this torchlight procession – everything is prepared solely as a springboard for war against the Russian Federation, so, unfortunately, the hostage was the Ukrainian people who, in fact, didn’t want all this”, – said the politician.   In addition, ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada expressed confidence that the conflict in the Donbass cannot be solved under the current Ukrainian

Lavrov said the sanctions after a meeting with Tillerson

The foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov after meeting with Secretary of state of the United States Rex Tillerson said that the theme of anti-Russian sanctions was not discussed.   “No, the question of sanctions was not discussed. We are not discussing sanctions, we believe that this is an anomaly and those sanctions used must evaluate for yourself how effective it is,” said Lavrov.   He also suggested that those who have imposed sanctions to assess whether they meet the normal international interactions, and how the desire to artificially politicize the topic in the interests of States themselves, resorting to such measures.   Tillerson himself has described the meeting with Lavrov quite productive. Photo: Christian Charisius / Globallookpress

America was afraid of Russian missiles “Sarmat”, which will cover them through South pole

The new Russian Intercontinental ballistic missile RS-28 (ICBM), the Sarmat will be able to overcome even the most effective ABOUT the United States, forcing America to reconsider its policy of nuclear deterrence, the conclusion comes columnist for The National Interest Malcolm Davis. The main feature of the new missile system Davis calls it the ability to deliver nuclear ammunition over the South pole, and not across the North, as it was before. According to the author, this feature of the “Sarmatian” creates for US some inconvenience. The fact that the US missile defense system intended to reflect the limited number of nuclear spins, particularly from North Korea and possibly Iran. According to Davis, the United States has only thirty systems intercept ground-based, deployed in Alaska and California, and, according to the author, their effectiveness is highly conditional and they are not able to reflect the full-scale nuclear attack. At the

Peskov told about the lost U.S.-Russian time

Dmitry Peskov Postponing the discussion of many accumulated issues, Moscow and Washington are wasting time, said the official representative of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov. His words on Thursday, February 16, the correspondent “Tapes.ru”. “We hope that sooner or later will start the process of normalising business relations with Washington, and at the moment we orientirueshsya on it,” Peskov said, pointing out that there are many difficulties and time to resolve them out. “Many problems are of such a nature that it alone neither the United States nor the Russian Federation to effectively solve can not” — said the representative of the Kremlin. In addition, Moscow does not consider it necessary to evaluate the initiative of a number of congressmen to investigate the contacts of the presidential administration of the USA of Donald trump with Russia. “I have not heard such statements… All of this is absolutely an internal affair of

Fighter Emelianenko called their main motivation the glorification of Christ

Fedor Emelianenko Russian mixed martial arts fighter Fedor Emelianenko before the fight with American Matt Mitrione in the United States stated that in the ring he always fights in the name of Jesus Christ, reports “Interfax”. “How do I feel about being called the greatest of all time? I fight only to glorify the Christian faith and the Lord Jesus Christ”, — said the fighter. According to him, before the fight he prays and never hate your enemies. 16 Feb Emelianenko also talked about the fatigue of their own popularity, calling it “annoying”. Battle with Mitrione will be held on 18 February in the American city of San Jose in the tournament Bellator 172. For Emelianenko it will be the 42nd entering the ring. Just in his career he won 36 wins (11 by Ko) and suffered four defeats, one match was declared void. In 2012, the Russian world champion

The number of victims of explosion in Pakistan has risen to 50 people

The number of victims of explosion in Pakistan has risen to 50 people At least 50 people died, 100 were injured in the explosion at the site of the mausoleum of Lal Shahbaz Kalandar in the Pakistani city of Sehwan-Sharif in Sindh, according to the newspaper Express Tribune with reference to the employees of the mausoleum and the office of the head of the province. Earlier it was reported about at least 30 dead and 100 injured. The explosion occurred Thursday night, when the mausoleum of the revered among the followers of Sufism poet and philosopher of Lal Shahbaz Kalandar (better known as Syed Muhammad Usman, Marandi) has traditionally been a Sufi rituals with the participation of a large number of believers. Explosion inside Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine in #Sehwan; at least 50 deadhttps://t.co/QxS11SBrQI#Blast #Sufi pic.twitter.com/Ir1sQJnnaO — The Express Tribune (@etribune) on February 16, 2017 According to police, the explosion

Scientists have found a treatise Churchill about the existence of extraterrestrial life

Scientists have found a treatise Churchill about the existence of extraterrestrial life MOSCOW, 15 Feb — RIA Novosti. Historians have discovered a previously unknown article by Winston Churchill about extraterrestrial life, in which he said about the possibility of the existence of living beings from distant stars, writes the journal Nature. “Recently, the Director of the Churchill Museum in Fulton handed me an 11-page article, “are we Alone in the Universe?”, written by sir Winston. Churchill’s thoughts were much the same then as it is today argue modern xenobiologists. Overall, he builds his ideas about extraterrestrial life in the modern Copernican principle — the idea that the Earth is not unique, and that it does not play a special role in the life of the Universe,” says Mario Livio (Mario Livio), an astrophysicist from the space telescope Institute in Baltimore (USA). “Are we alone in the Universe?” According to Livio,

Svanidze suggested to bury Lenin on the centennial of the October

Svanidze suggested to bury Lenin on the centennial of the October Historian Nikolai Svanidze called the century of the October revolution of 1917, a good reason to bury the leader of the revolution of Vladimir Lenin. This opinion he expressed on Wednesday, February 15, in an interview with the National news service (NSN). “For the reburial of Lenin anything can be a reason. I would even say that for this reason is not necessary. The only reason to bury one’s death,” says the historian. According to him, the mausoleum on red square has long since lost its value, but Lenin’s body is kept there for fear that some people might be offended at his disposal. “Although in principle he had long since nobody cares. They (population) interesting (Joseph) Stalin. And Lenin was only interested functionaries of the Communist party of the Russian Federation”, — said Svanidze. In April 2016 polls

The Happiness Of Alice. Having conquered the hearts of millions, Natalia Guseva hid from glory

The Happiness Of Alice. Having conquered the hearts of millions, Natalia Guseva hid from glory For the anniversary of the actress Aify talks about the girl, overnight became a Megastar, but then changed career to science and peaceful family life. Permanantely Murashkevich The phenomenon of kinonablyudeniya Alice Selezneva trying to unravel until now. In the mystery of the most famous heroines of Soviet cinema — a fragile girl with big blue eyes that were in love with millions of students? How to explain why forty guys in online communities of fans “guest from the future” to this day, sigh about Alice, keep tapes with your favorite movie and reviewing it periodically? While fans regret that the past will not return, Natalia Guseva (this is the maiden name of the performer of the role of Alice Selezneva, which it learned the whole country) February 15, will mark its 45th anniversary. Natalia

Media: arrested a second suspect in the alleged murder of Kim Jong-Nam

Media: arrested a second suspect in the alleged murder of Kim Jong-Nam Other details are not yet available. TOKYO, February 16. /Offset. TASS Alex Sarachev/. Malaysian police detained a second suspect in the alleged murder of Kim Jong-Nam, the elder brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. This was announced on Thursday, the Malaysian Agency BERNAMA. The head of the country’s police Khalid Abu Bakar said that an official statement would be made later. Other details are not yet available. On Wednesday, Malaysian police detained a suspect of involvement in the alleged assassination of Kim Jong-Nam shortly before the woman was trying to fly to Vietnam. According to some reports, law enforcement agencies are searching for several more suspects Law enforcement agencies of Malaysia on Tuesday confirmed the death of Kim Jong-Nam, who felt ill at the airport of Kuala Lumpur and died on the way to the hospital. According