Poroshenko instructed the national security Council to deal with the nationalists blocking the Donbass

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed to execute the decision of the Council of national security and defense on measures in connection with the blockade of Donbass, which involves “the adoption of comprehensive measures to ensure public order” in the area of military operations in DND and LNR, according to the website of the President of Ukraine.   In particular, the Council instructed the interior Ministry, SBU and national guard to neutralize the “threat” the country’s energy security and strengthen the protection of critical infrastructure of the country. In particular, the security institutions should protect the facilities of gas, electricity and transport infrastructure. Photo: the Headquarters of blockade thergbl z occupiers / Facebook

Nationalists began to block roads in the Donbass

On Thursday the nationalists, who had previously blocked the railway track in the Donbass and organized a blockade of the region, announced the opening of the first checkpoint on the roads and stated that their goal is not only the blockade of the railway communication, but also automotive, said in a message to staff on the page in Facebook.   “Today opened the first checkpoint to shut off the supply of contraband, counterfeit goods and trade with the occupiers, which is carried out by motor transport”, – noted radicals.   And they even said the place where they established a checkpoint near the village of Zolotoe of Lugansk region. Earlier, Prime Minister of the country Vladimir Groysman asked the activists to unlock the Donbass, as in the first place it hurts the Ukrainians themselves. In the country already entered emergency mode due to the lack of coal supplies from the

Maksakova excluded from the “United Russia”

Maria Maksakova The Presidium of the political Council of the Moscow branch of “United Russia” has deprived of the former Deputy of the state Duma singer Maria Maksakova membership in the party. This was announced by the Secretary of the regional cell ER Andrey Metelsky Thursday, February 16, RIA Novosti reported. “Today a meeting of the Presidium, which was held on the question of membership Maria Maksakova in the party. Maksakova was unanimously expelled from the party,” he said. The reason for this decision was data on that Maksakova has the nationality of Germany, said Metelsky. Earlier he said that the former MP has the right to appeal their exclusion to the higher party instances. On February 15 in an interview with radio station “Kommersant FM”, the singer said that has dual citizenship “from birth”, which she never hid. In addition, she stated that the criminal case against her husband

The leader of “the friendly farmers” was suspected of bribery

Alexey Volchenko The leader of the movement “friendly farmers” Alexey Volchenko was accused of bribery. On Thursday, February 16, the Internet edition “Caucasian knot” has reported himself Kuban activist. According to Volchenko, he asked a friend of Starovelichkovskaya village to see if his father suffered a heart attack, get help required for renewal of a driver’s license. After some time, the mediator informed the farmer that to get a medical certificate, doctors need to pay. Then the activist went to the police with a statement and asked for money friend. The investigator promised Volchenko that the man will be detained at the transfer of money, but in the end the activist went to the police while receiving the help. “Now I blame the fact that I bribed the doctor for the illegal actions. I bribe were not given, those doctors in the eye has not seen,” — said the activist,

The election of the President of the RAS can go in the new scenario

The procedure for the election of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) may change. Relevant information to the staff portal “Indicator” received from the initiative group of members of the Academy. According to the newspaper, scientists are going to change the rules of the General meeting of the organization, which will elect the management of wounds. In particular, we are talking about the need to adopt a rule mechanism whereby you can vote for only one candidate for the presidency of the Academy. Among other things, the initiative group of members of the Academy has allocated to the entire procedure of the elections a few days from 21 to 24 March. Now the whole process (presentation of candidates, discussion, distribution and filling out ballots) allotted part of the second half of the day. Containing such proposals document were sent to members of the Academy. The final decision

The number of victims of explosion in Pakistan has reached 71 persons

The number of victims of explosion in Pakistan has reached 71 persons MOSCOW, 16 Feb — RIA Novosti. At least 72 people were killed and over 150 were injured in the explosion on site of the mausoleum of Lal Shahbaz Kalandar in the Pakistani city of Sehwan-Sharif in Sindh, Reuters reported, citing the police. Earlier it was reported at least 50 dead and 100 injured. The explosion occurred Thursday night, when the mausoleum of the revered among the followers of Sufism poet and philosopher of Lal Shahbaz Kalandar (better known as Syed Muhammad Usman, Marandi) has traditionally been a Sufi rituals with the participation of a large number of believers. #سیہون دھماکے نتیجے میں کے اب تک میں سے زائد ۴۰ ۹۰ شہید اور سے زائد زخمی ہونے کی اطلاعات ہیں.#Blast #LalShahbaz #Shrine #Sehwan #NAP pic.twitter.com/2DjRwElsoM — Shia Reality News (@ShiaRealityNews) 16 Feb 2017 According to police, the explosion occurred

In the United States again appeared “fire waterfall”

In the United States again appeared “fire waterfall” Mother nature once again put on a show in Yosemite national Park in California (USA), where each February, the setting sun its rays turns the waterfall into a glowing stream of molten lava. The phenomenon known as the “fire falls” attracts dozens of photographers on the viewing platform at the falls called Horse tail, located on the famous mountain El Capitan, writes the Associated Press. See “fire waterfall” is not so simple. Horse tail flowing only in winter and spring when there is a required amount of precipitation. While the Sun illuminates the waterfall for a few minutes per day at the end of the day for several days in February. Some photographers were able to capture the phenomenon of this year, and the glowing pictures of the waterfall hit the social network. Every February a rare phenomenon makes Horsetail Fall @Yosemitenps

Media published previously unknown photos of a pregnant Marilyn Monroe

Media published previously unknown photos of a pregnant Marilyn Monroe MOSCOW, 16 Feb — RIA Novosti. In the network appeared six previously unknown color photographs of the American actress Marilyn Monroe. They film pregnant partner on the film “let’s make love” Yves Montand. This writes the Daily Mail In November last year, a series of pictures, which the author frames and close friend Monroe Frida hull called “pregnant slides”, was sold at auction in Hollywood for $ 2240. The new owner of unique photographs was Tony Michaels, who shared the publication of their purchase. Never-before-seen photos of Marilyn Monroe secretly pregnant https://t.co/1QIR39svOQ pic.twitter.com/F7Ft2isTXL — Daily Mail Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb) February 15, 2017 “Monroe kept secret her pregnancy, before you “lose” the child during a visit to the hospital. Frida was proud that he kept these pictures and the fact that he left in secret the secret of his friend until the