Neverov Maksakova caught in a lie

Denis Boronenkov and Maria Maksakova

Opera singer Maria Maksakova, stating to the media that a child had a second citizenship, admitted in violation of Russian law and that he lied when he ran for the state Duma. Wrote about this on his page in Facebook, the Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov.

“Today in interviews she admitted that violated the Russian legislation, which prohibits State Duma deputies to be a citizen of another country. Admitted that she’s a liar. Because back in 2011 when I first was elected to the Duma, she vehemently argued that she has only Russian citizenship and there is no other that he wants to devote his life to serving Russia. Now we all know that her whole life is a falsehood,” said Neverov.

Secretary of the General Council of the EP criticized Maksakova and her husband, former MP Denis Boronenkov because they received citizenship of Ukraine, which, in his opinion, are considered “normal Nazism and fascism.” According to him, “I am glad that the lists of deputies of the State Duma of the seventh convocation” Maksakova and Boronenkov no. “Traitors always do not like, and beautiful city Kiev is not an exception,” — said the politician.

15 Feb Maksakova said that the case against her husband, former MP Denis Boronenkov, “fabricated from the first to the last letter.” He Boronenkov also expressed the view that the prosecution against him in Russia illegally and unfairly.

Earlier in the day, Russia’s Investigative Committee announced Denis Boronenkov of the Federal investigation. It was reported that SKR made a ruling on bringing the former Deputy as a defendant of fraud in especially large size. Him in absentia charged with the organization of raider attacks in 2011, the building in the centre of the capital value of five million dollars.

On the same day it became known that Maksakova fired from gnesinka. The singer gave conflicting comments from different publications. According to one version, the cause of death was a small salary, on the other — the former Deputy did not write a letter and learned about his dismissal from media.

Boronenkov, claims that she received Ukrainian citizenship on December 6, 2016, two days after the end of his powers of a Deputy of the state Duma. At the moment he together with his wife is in Kiev. In interview to the edition “Censor.No” (blocked in Russia — approx. “Of the”), former MP has compared Russia with Nazi Germany and declared that the political system there “only works on the destruction of all who are not mounted”.