Nationalists began to block roads in the Donbass

On Thursday the nationalists, who had previously blocked the railway track in the Donbass and organized a blockade of the region, announced the opening of the first checkpoint on the roads and stated that their goal is not only the blockade of the railway communication, but also automotive, said in a message to staff on the page in Facebook.


“Today opened the first checkpoint to shut off the supply of contraband, counterfeit goods and trade with the occupiers, which is carried out by motor transport”, – noted radicals.


And they even said the place where they established a checkpoint near the village of Zolotoe of Lugansk region. Earlier, Prime Minister of the country Vladimir Groysman asked the activists to unlock the Donbass, as in the first place it hurts the Ukrainians themselves. In the country already entered emergency mode due to the lack of coal supplies from the region.

Photo: Pavlo Pakhomenko / Globallookpress