Maksakova exclude from the “United Russia”

Maria Maksakova

© Valery sharifulin/TASS

MOSCOW, February 16. /TASS/. Ex-Deputy of the state Duma Maria Maksakova exclude from the “United Russia” from-for presence at it citizenship of Germany, said the Secretary of the Moscow branch of “United Russia” Andrey Metelsky.

About the German nationality the MP had earlier said in an interview to one of editions.

“We have received information on dual citizenship, this is not consistent with the status of member of the party, according to our Charter and contrary to the Charter. Accordingly, we shall exclude her from the party on the basis of this provision,” said Metelsky.
According to him, Maksakova if you will not agree with this decision, she can appeal to higher party instances.

Metelsky also said that in the “United Russia” did not know about the presence of Maria Maksakova German citizenship.

“In fact, it was cheating because she never indicated that she has a second nationality,” said Metelsky TASS.

“As you know, we took her to the party and not to work in the public service. Accordingly, the test was more lenient. We rely on the data that gives the candidate and not check through law enforcement agencies or in some other way”, he added.

The head of the Moscow office called the situation “not very nice”. “What was done is really not nice, in my opinion, this is probably not a very dignified Opera singer,” said Metelsky. The head of the Moscow branch reminded that, Maksakova joined the “United Russia” in the Moscow branch of the party. “Due to the fact that she lived and worked in Moscow, we took” – he said.

As pointed out by the Secretary of the Moscow branch of “United Russia”, February 16 there will be a meeting of the regional political Council. “It will be devoted to business issues on the agenda. Maybe under “miscellaneous” we will consider the situation,” said Metelsky.