In the United States made the creation of genetically modified people

In the United States made the creation of genetically modified people

The national Academy of Sciences and of medicine, USA presented a report, which allowed the lifting of the ban on the future establishment of genetically modified people.

However, in this case will be solved improving human traits and abilities, but only the correction of mutations that contribute to the occurrence of severe hereditary diseases. It is reported by MedicalXpress.

Currently, in some countries there is a ban on creating human embryos with the edited DNA. In case, if it is cleared, experts have proposed a number of recommendations which will have to follow a scientific and medical centers.

First, you can resort to the change in the genome if a genetic disease cannot be fought any other methods. Second, the edit should only apply to those genes that are associated with a hereditary disorder. In addition, the strict control is necessary for clinical trials, as well as the availability of sufficient data about the benefits and possible risks of interference in DNA.

Scientists also believe that the discussions regarding ethical and legal issues edit human genome must involve the public. This will help to establish international standards for the use of genetic engineering, which in turn will allow to avoid abuse of technology.

At present, some research institutes have conducted experiments to change human DNA, however they are limited by the interference in the genome of somatic (asexual) cells. For example, China’s scientists modified the immune cells, which were then introduced into the patient suffering from cancer. Such changes are not inherited, so only affect one person without affecting its offspring.