In Moscow suburbs have counted 460 thousand healthy inhabitants

Practically healthy according to the results of the clinical examination in 2016, recognized by more than 460 thousand inhabitants of Moscow suburbs. This was reported on the website of the regional government.

“527 thousand inhabitants of Moscow suburbs, the attendees last year diagnosed with diseases that require monitoring or provide specialized medical care. During the examination 5373 man first learned that suffer from diabetes, more than 49 thousand people — diseases of heart and vessels”, — said the first Deputy Chairman of government of Moscow region Olga Zabralova, adding that from 2019 the man was first diagnosed with cancer.

Just tested more than 1.24 million people, according to the TV channel “360”.

Free medical examinations for persons over the age of 21 is held every three years. Every year it can be disabled, participants of the great Patriotic war, hostilities, blockade survivors, and former prisoners of concentration camps.

In the Moscow region, according to the beginning of 2017, is home to about 7.5 million people.