Going to take off a passenger aboard American Eagle rammed the deer

At the airport Charlotte (North Carolina, USA) collision of a deer and the passenger plane of airline American Eagle (“American eagle)”. It is reported by the Aerospace Journal.

During the set speed for takeoff the pilots felt a strong blow, but raised the car up in the air and reported the strange incident to the dispatchers.

From the ground, the pilots reported that the observed smoke plume stretching from the right wing. The crew decided to return to the airport and landed the plane. Aboard the 44 passengers were evacuated.

During the inspection of the runway was discovered the carcass of a dead deer, which is likely to be faced with going to take off the liner.

On November 23 last year, the airline Azur Air departing from Moscow to the Dominican Republic, was forced to return to Domodedovo because it got in the engine birds.

The week before the airplane Japanese airline All Nippon Airways made an emergency landing at the departure airport on the island of Honshu in the face when you take off with a flock of birds. The inspection showed that the ship is damaged both engines. On Board were about 140 passengers, anybody from them has not suffered. They were subsequently delivered to their destination on another plane.